Industrial systems

Industrial technological systems

Quality without compromise

From design to execution and final testing, nothing is left to chance. During the planning phase, we work with specialised engineers to develop a system which satisfies the client in every aspect. The work is executed by highly trained and qualified personnel with the objective of delivering a perfectly finished product to the customer. Each plant is tested and guaranteed. In this way, just like the entire project, the system is designed with safety and above all quality in mind. The main tests that we perform are:

  • pressure testing of pipelines;
  • adjustment and balancing of circuits;
  • operational checking of all equipment;
  • checking (where present) of chillers, towers and circulation pumps etc.;
  • checking of automatic regulation and security systems;
  • checking of fire protection systems;
  • compilation of an operating and maintenance manual;
  • checking and testing of boilers;
  • control and calibration of burners.

Thermal power plants

Diathermic oil generator combined with an evaporator for steam production

Diathermic oil generator for industry, Marghera – Venice

Steam generators for the food industry, Vedelago – Treviso

Detail of the steam delivery of the production line – Crocetta del Montello

Gas supply for burner connection – Crocetta del Montello

Water softener system on the farm – Crocetta del Montello

Pipes for heating

Hot water distribution lines in carbon steel pipe

Connector in stainless steel Aisi 316

Steam distribution manifold in carbon steel iron

Stainless steel tank connection for return condensation and water softening

Air distribution ducts

Swimming pool air pipelines

Air duct channels

Construction of exchangers

Welding – Orbital welding machine

Construction of exchanger


Processing at our workshop

Mounting piping at altitude

T.I.G. Welding

Fitting a steam particular


Fitting a steam particular

Air treatment system

Heating and cooling shed of 2000 sq. m

Compressed air line

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